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Follicular Tracking

Why take this scan: Unclear infertility for less than 2 years, Women with a regular menstrual cycle,

How this scan can benefit: Simplest form of conception, Low cost, Natural, Drug free

Body parts scanned: Follicle, Endometrium

Appointment: 30 mins

Age: Over 17 years

Follicular Tracking

Our ultrasound clinic offers Follicular Tracking to female patients as a simple form of assisted conception. This type of ultrasound scan looks into the size of the follicle and thickness of your endometrium on day 10 to 16 of your cycle. The ultrasound checks for signs of ovulation, which is defined as the phase of a female's menstrual cycle when you are most fertile.

The ultrasound checks for the size of the dominant follicle size for when it reaches 16-18mm, at this point you are at your most fertile.

Why take this type of scan?

This type of scan is for women that wish to check if and when they are ovulating. This then gives them an estimated time frame with which to consummate.

How to prepare for the Follicular Tracking Scan?

You do not need a full bladder for this type of scan, and you can eat normally prior to your appointment.

We use gently warmed Ultrasound Gel to help you relax, and make you feel comfortable during your scan, which should take no longer than 30 minutes.

What can I expect from the Follicular Tracking Scan?

The sonographer will carry out a trans-vaginal scan. Your sonographer will discuss this with you on the day.

Advice on Follicular Tracking

This type of assisted conception is simple and cost effective compared to most other types of treatment as there are no drugs involved. The pregnancy rate for this type of assisted conception is around 10%. Ultrasound will help monitor the size of the follicles to suggest ovulation, there are other factors that are to be considered if a successful conception is to be considered.

About ultrasound

Ultrasound has been used for the last 40 years successfully. No proven risk are known to date. For updated information see College of Radiographers & BMUS.

Ultrasound Clinic is committed to ensure that your scan is being carried out safely.

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