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Endometrical Scan

Why take this scan: Unclear infertility

How this scan can benefit: Increases chance of natural fertilisation, Simple, Natural

Body parts scanned: Uterus, Womb, Ovaries, Pelvic area

Appointment: 30 mins

Age: Over 17 years

Endometrial Thickness Scan

This ultrasound measures the thickness and appearance of the lining of your womb. As well as looking at your ovaries and pelvic area.There is usually 1-3 scans, the first scan is carried out on or around day 9 of your menstrual cycle. The remaining two are carried out with 1-2 day intervals.

Why take the Endometrial Scan?

This scan is to determine when ovulation is expected to maximise your chances of fertilization. If you are receiving IVF treatment, your clinic will tell you when you need to come for this scan.

How to prepare for the Endometrial scan?

Feel free to eat and drink as normal on the day of your scan. A full bladder is not necessary for this type of scan.

We use gently warmed Ultrasound Gel to help you relax, and make you feel comfortable during your scan.

About ultrasound

Ultrasound has been used for the last 40 years successfully. No proven risk are known to date. For updated information see College of Radiographers & BMUS.

Ultrasound Clinic is committed to ensure that your scan is being carried out safely.

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Francesca W
Our experience at the ultrasound clinic was amazing, the person running us through the scan was lovely and the whole environment was very relaxing. We felt very at ease.
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