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Gender Scan

Why take this scan: Checks your baby's gender

When can I take this scan: From 17 weeks

Body parts scanned: Abdomen

Appointment: 30 mins

What do I receive from this scan: Report with sonographer notes

Gender scan

20+ weeks

Checks the gender of your baby

  • See your baby in 4D on a large screen
  • Checks your baby
  • 2 printed glossy images on the day
  • Preview of 4D scan

The Gender Scan

Lots of parents are eager to find out the gender of their baby, by the seventeenth week of your pregnancy you can visit our clinic to find out exactly that.

Requirements for the Gender Scan

This scan is non diagnostic and it is not necessary to have a full bladder when undergoing a gender scan. Feel free to eat and drink as normal on the day of your scan and wear loose clothing during your appointment if at all possible. Do remember that no gender scan is ever 100% accurate however we will endeavour to find out whether you are having a boy or a girl.

What can I expect from the Gender Scan

Gender determination is carried out in 2D (black and white) as standard, however you will have the chance to see your baby in 4D on the large screen.

Why choose the Baby Scan Clinic?

Based on the world renowned Harley Street, famous for its prestigious and established clinics, the Baby Scan Clinic recently received top marks in all categories by the Care Quality Commission. Our qualified sonographers will help you have an enjoyable and comfortable first contact with your baby. We offer you our expertise in private pregnancy scans and the latest technological equipment, along with aiming to make your visit the first of many wonderful experiences as a parent. We also use gently warmed ultrasound gel to help you relax, and make you feel comfortable during your scan.


Baby Scan clinic is a founding member of the Miracle Baby campaign. We believe every baby is a Miracle, and should not be gender profiled.

As the leading baby scan clinic in London, we will not perform a Gender Scan before 20 weeks of pregnancy.

About ultrasound

Ultrasound has been used for the last 40 years successfully. No proven risk are known to date. For updated information see Fetal Medicine Foundation & BMUS.

Baby Scan Clinic is committed to ensure that your scan is being carried out safely.