Ultrasound Use in Healthcare – Infographic

Do you know how ultrasound scans work?

Read our infographic about the basics of medical ultrasound to understand the process.

The basics about medical ultrasound - Infographic

Now you know:

An ultrasound scan uses a transducer that sends out waves with ultrasonic frequency towards tissues in the body. The sound wave echoes back and is recorded and processed in the ultrasonic scanner. Multiple soundwaves results in a digital image of the tissue inside the body.

That is how sonography uses ultrasound-based images to look at internal body structures.

Ultrasound scans are a safe and non-intrusive imaging technique. Ultrasound-based imaging has been in use since the 1950′s succesfully. Concerns have been raised about whether it is safe for pregnant women to be exposed to ultrasound waves during pregnancy. Research indicates however that there are no risks involved for pregnant women.

The World Health Organization supports that ultrasound is safe for pregnant women.

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