Detecting Prostate Cancer with a Prostate Scan

Prostate cancer is by the most spread form of cancer among men in the UK. The prostate cancer risk for men in the UK is about 1 in 8 at the moment. For black men, this risk is 1 in 4. If you have a family history of prostate cancer, the risk is considerably increased, though it does not necessarily mean that you will have prostate cancer. The risk for getting prostate cancer increases as you age, and men over 50 are significantly more at risk than younger men. Preventive action can be taken early on, through lifestyle changes and routine scans.

When to have a Prostate Scan

You can take a prostate scan at any time after age 17, although it is unlikely to develop prostate cancer before turning 40. Most men who had prostate cancer were diagnosed after the age of 70. You should schedule an appointment to scan your prostate if you are at high risk due to one of the main risk factors: aged over 50 or a having a family history of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer can grow unnoticed and slowly without causing any symptoms, which is why it’s good to have routine checks after age 40 at the intervals recommended by your doctor.

If you have abdominal pains, experienced unusual changes in urination frequency and have a family history of prostate cancer or breast cancer, it is recommended to take a prostate scan.

What happens during a Prostate Scan

This is an ultrasound scan that will be performed abdominally, using ultrasound technology to obtain images of the prostate without being intrusive. Your sonographer will explain the process, after which he will use gently warmed ultrasound gel and will scan your belly.

In order to obtain clear images of the scan, it is important that the patient has a full bladder and an empty bowel in the morning of the appointment. Please drink two pints of water one hour before the ultrasound appointment to ensure this.

The prostate scan is used in detecting prostate cancer, as well as to examine characteristics such as shape and size of the prostate to check for other problems.

Our friendly sonographers at the Ultrasound Clinic will make sure that your scan experience is safe and as comfortable as possible.

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