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3D scan

24 - 32 weeks

See your baby in 3D and check on the health and proper development of your unborn child

  • One printed image
  • 30 minute appointment
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The 3D baby scan experience

This type of baby scan will allow you to see your child in colour and 3D! This is a very exciting experience for any parent and helps you create a more vivid bonding with your child, even before his or her birth.

Through the private baby scans at our clinic in Harley Street, London, you will get clear 3D baby scans of your child.

How do the 3D baby-scans work?

Because these 3D baby scans are taken after 24 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s features are already visible, and you can experience your first close visual encounter with your child through the 3D scans, interpreted by our experienced and friendly sonographers. The 3D baby scan creates clear images of your baby’s external anatomy and, at the same time, they are able to detect any potential problems in the baby’s development.

Unlike the EP scans, the 3D baby scans do not require having a full bladder. Instead, we recommend that you drink one to two pints of water a day for two weeks before your appointment at our baby scan clinic. This will ensure there is plenty of amniotic fluid around your baby and that it is clear for the 3D baby scans, which helps you get good quality images of your baby.

Come to our London baby clinic for your appointment!

The state-of-art technology that our baby scan clinic in London, Harley Street, is offering you is complemented by our sonographers’ expertise. Therefore, besides rendering wonderful, intimate moments with your unborn yet baby, our private scans are also able to accurately check whether the pregnancy is properly developing and to determine any potential risks for the mother or the child.

Check our online appointment system to see when you and your child will meet for the first time at our baby clinic in central London, Harley Street.

We use gently warmed Ultrasound Gel to help you relax, and make you feel comfortable during your scan.

About ultrasound

Ultrasound has been used for the last 40 years successfully. No proven risk are known to date. For updated information see Fetal Medicine Foundation & BMUS.

Baby Scan Clinic is committed to ensure that your scan is being carried out safely.